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Meet Miriam

Miriam Cutelis is a National Board Certified educator of 22 years with a varied experience in arts-based settings. She specializes in leading a choice-based art room in which the students decide on the manner in which they use their materials to express their own personal interests. Currently, she works with elementary students to support them in solving interesting problems that are personally meaningful to them. 

Miriam is also a long distance runner/hiker. She began seriously running at age 40 once she realized she got winded running around a block. She has since completed 17 marathon distances in 12 different states, and has also completed several ultra-marathons up to 100K distance. Her favorite challenge being the 12-hour endurance races. Her current BIG dream goal is completing a marathon distance in every state. Miriam has utilized endurance sports and trail hiking as a launchpad for self-healing, self-realization and a forum for personal growth. Running, she feels, helps funnel all aspects of her life into one co-exists, congruent self. Her positive, dream-big approach to all of life is a direct outgrowth from her own personal growth, past

-Miriam Cutelis 





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