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About The Work 

My art explores the relationship between self and nature. Over the years, my relationship with my body has evolved through my experience as an endurance trail hiker. The more I dive into this relationship with nature the more I experience its positive and healing effects on my body, my mind and my spirit. Currently, I am working on two series. The series labeled “Trashy Landscapes" juxtaposes items you might find in a landfill with the idea of dreamy landscapes. I utilize everyday single-use items, and assorted recycled materials to recreate dreamy landscapes. In a world of single-use items, how is the idea of worthiness redefined? Can something be truly of value if its purpose only lasts seconds? 

Another series I’m currently tackling is called "Grounded". This series asigns deep wisdom to all natural phenomena. The series aims and hopes to create a simplified set of images that can be understood by all on a deeper soul level. The work investigates Universal wisdom around self-value, family, love, sacrifice, our search for a life purpose and inner wisdom. 

Nature has always been a source of endless fascination since I was a child. I enjoy exploring its many manifestations. Despite the themes being tackled, The act of artmaking itself is regarded as a meditative, healing and necessary practice by which I can weave my next big dreams and by which I can use to help me discover a deeper sense of connection to the Universe and myself.

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